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धर्मसेतुपालकं त्वधर्ममार्गनाशकं कर्मपाशमोचकं सुशर्मदायकं विभुम् । स्वर्णवर्णशेषपाशशोभिताङ्गमण्डलं काशिकापुराधिनाथकालभैरवं भजे ॥५॥ It is the night that provides you the eyesight of infinity. During the night, you glimpse the vastness from the universe. The glory of existence is exhibited at nighttime. Typically in Shiva temples, idols of Bhairava are situated from https://free-kundli11109.blogchaat.com/25223857/fascination-about-bhairav


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